About The Gong


Open any health magazine, and you will read articles and personal stories about how Yoga has helped individuals through a variety of difficulties — from support through chemotherapy and the alleviation of pain, to a calmer more relaxed state of mind.

But it is primarily in the professional journals and magazines that you can read about the success of gong therapy for helping even such serious conditions as schizophrenia, autism and physical pain such as neck pain, headaches and cramping in the chest and upper respiratory systems.

Combining Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama (breath-work), and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) we create a receptive mind-body condition to allow the gong to “facilitate the movement of healing energy (prana) throughout the body.  The gong basically “magnifies and focuses the power of the yoga practice.” (Mehtab)

 “The Gong is a singularly effective instrument to help the listener detach from the pressure and content of the mind through an induced meditative state in order to get free of habitual patterns.” (Mehtab)

As anyone knows who has attended a Kundalini Yoga class which includes a gong meditation, the “vibrations” induced by the gong stay with you for days. 

“The gong works on all levels to heal and transform.  From the purely physical, to the emotional and spiritual, the sound of the gong can promote a positive change in the listener….Dermatomes are surface areas of the skin extending from the spine throughout the body and connected to different organs in the body.  These skin areas can be stimulated by sound waves, much like a massage, and produce effects on corresponding organs and other areas of the body” (Mehtab)

“The Sound of the Gong creates deep relaxation, releasing us from [the] torrents of thoughts our mind releases, and it stimulates the glandular system to a higher form of functioning. The Gong is very simple. It is an inter-vibratory system. It is the sound of creativity itself. The Gong impacts the body and its meridians. It will penetrate every cell and fiber of your body releasing blocks [energetic and emotional], reducing stress and tension, and stimulating circulation. The result is a reorganization of the emotional energy and feelings that are tied up in the body structure. The entire nervous system is put under pressure to adjust and heal itself. This can be frightening, arousing, exciting, or delightful … that will depend on the individual.  [Most participants find] as pressure builds, [they become] totally relaxed in the deepest meditation possible. [So join us and] feel yourself ride the sound to the infinite itself." (Yogi Bhajan)

NOTE:  If the sound of the gong bothers your ears, we have ear plugs available -- please ask for them before class starts -- and then keep them with your Yoga mat for use the next time -- you will still receive all the benefits of the gong therapy even with ear plugs.)