Full Moon Meditation

We hold this meditation on the day/night of the full moon as a community service to help us all ready ourselves for the next 28 day lunar cycle. The meditation is free but donations are accepted. We generally schedule a meditation when the full moon falls on a convenient day -- i.e. Friday or Saturday.

The meditation that we do is the Healing Ring of Tantra. We hold hands, right hand palm down, left hand palm up. The circle must NOT be broken for the duration of the meditation.

The mantra is in three parts-- Wha-Hay G'roo. Each person takes a turn leading, chanting it powerfully in a monotone, then the rest of the group answers in unison. As the "leader" chants, the rest of the group inhales deeply. After the group responds, the leader then says, Sat Nam. Then the next person, to the left, leads and everyone responds as before, continuing around the circle. This continues for at least 11 minutes but no more than 31.

The healing ring can be used to generate and direct tremendous healing energy towards any person present -- someone in the circle, someone at a great distance or someone who chooses to lie down in the middle of the circle. Participants should focus their minds to listen and let themselves be filled with the sound, acutely tuning into the call, Wha-Hay G'roo and then answering in the same vibration. We may focus on healing ourselves, others or the world in general.

This day of the Full Moon is particularly good for fasting on lemon water with sweetener because the secretions in your body will be at their maximum (thanks to the magnetism of the moon). You may not want your energy being used to digest food ... save your energy to reconstruct yourself. Try to drink only liquids on this day. Or, you could eat very lightly and drink the Lemon & Water.