Kundalini Is About Awakening to Your Fullness

Kundalini Yoga is not about tricks and fast techniques to get to the ultimate freedom as a human being. There are no tricks. There are no fast gimmicks. Shaktipat only awakens sparks of what Kundalini is all about. Videos can only inspire and never really develop anything. You cannot awaken it by watching a video, as some on this planet would like you to believe. The path must be walked on your own. 

Kundalini is nothing less than the complete transformation of a human being. The difference between a human being with Kundalini awakened and one without is like the difference between a human being and a rock (to quote Samael Aun Weor) and I completely agree. We are not merely talking about just "feeling better" when we are talking about this awakening. This process is nothing less than giving birth to the child of the Sun of our solar system withing us.

May this day see more people understand the complete seriousness and glory of the matter. 
 Sat Nam