The Mind

The Nature Of The Mind

Typed by - Ram Dass Bir Singh Khalsa - Copyright 6-9-2002 RDBSK

“You Are Awareness Itself and Not All These Thoughts.”  —Yogi Bhajan

 Throughout our day hundreds, if not thousands of thoughts, pass through our mind.  Many of these thoughts pass us by without much notice, like looking through a piece of transparent glass.  As the flow of these thoughts continues, some of them will strike an individual cord with you.  These thoughts will invoke a reaction, which causes you to dwell upon them, and soon they begin to stand out like dust on transparent glass.  As you dwell upon these thoughts, they activate memories and you create other thoughts.  As you accept these thoughts as yours they become colored and cause sensations, form impressions, and construct conceptions.  They rapidly come together and like a cloud of dust, they completely cover the clear glass.    CONCEPTIONS!

These conceptions create projections that take the form and shape to paint your picture of life.  These projections create the sensory impressions, which generate the sensations to produce the feelings, emotions, and impressions of life.  As you interact with these impressions, which create your perceptions, you construct more conceptions.  You conceive yourself into a mind-set, overflowing with programs, which program you to produce more projections.  Like the light (photons) from a holographic projector, you project yourself into a world of form and structure, which gives rise to your perceptions.  This is how you perceive your creation. 

 “The conception is this question, how you conceive and perceive you within you; for you, around you, above you, below you, ahead of you, and how you cover your back.  This is what you have to know! And this you do not have to know by standing on the head and doing this and doing that or mediating or becoming holy—no, no, no—absolutely nothing is required, it’s all a personal conception.”—Yogi Bhajan

You color your thoughts with a limited database of knowledge, experience, and wisdom, and this leads to bias, one-sidedness, fantasies, unfulfilled desire, and conversations with yourself.  All your feelings, emotional impressions, memories, and identifications—are the cause of your established attachments.  Attachments create more desire, desire causes more thoughts to become colored and you lose yourself in your own preconceived life of projections.  This picture becomes a movie, and as you move from life to life, you collect thousands, if not million of concepts (programs), that bind you into being blind.  You become blind to the transparency of the transparent glass.  You see a reflection of yourself, created by your concept (colored thoughts).  Based on your liminted knowledge and experience of life, you do not see the thought for what is truly is, and you color it with your ego.  It becomes cloaked in color, interjected by concepts or facets distorting its true nature.  You go around and around in circles of emotions, some exhilarating and some devastating.  Ask yourself, how long do I want to go through this up and down roller coaster of pleasure and pain?  Being pulled this way and that way, like a puppet on strings, by my own colored conceptions or thoughts?

 “The mind must be able to know what it perceives and not confuse what it sees with its own subconscious projections.” 

—Yogi Bhajan

When your thoughts become colored, they are like the dust on the transparent glass that form your conceptions.  These conceptions grow and grow until they become so powerful, that they make you jump through hoops like a circus animal.  Would you like to be you, the true you?  Would you like to cut the strings of false conceptions, toxic desires and negative actions?  It’s simple, get out the Windex and clean the glass!  It’s called the “Science of Humanology and Kundalini Yoga.”  As you remove the dust and dirt, you will become a human and not an animal.   A hue-mind.  You will have a hue, a huge autonomous light around you called anauric body with the discriminating mind of a yogi.  Kundalini is the glass cleaner.  As you elevate your kundalini energy to remove the dust and dirt, you will see into the transparency of your thoughts and the clarity of the glass.  Your life will become crystal clear and you will clear the way for others to follow.Click here to add text.

Imagine you are looking into a mirror and seeing yourself.  Imagine you are cleaning the mirror and as you clean the mirror, it’s like removing the reflective substance on the back and you begin to see what you normally cannot see.  Yogi Bhajan calls it, “seeing the unseeable.”  It’s the real you, the one behind the paintings of life.  It’s the “awareness” itself and not your thoughts or concepts.  It is the one transparent you, colored with itself, to separate you from it.  That one is called Ek, and you color it with Kar, your creation.  As you remove the obstacles, known as the karma of life, you begin to see and feel through your false perceptions into the vastness of life, many, many lives.  You see and feel into your energy flows, called your prana nadis, which channel the energy of life.  You see and feel into chakras, known as your centers of different levels of consciousness, each with a set of its own values, and powers of action, associated with it.  And into your ten bodies from the Soul body through the Physical body into the Radiant body, with you at the command center.

Radiate the transparent light and you will pass through the opaqueness of maya, the world of your conceptions.  Step out of time and space; step out of concepts and desires; let go of emotions and commotions and you will know every place—it all up to you.  It’s all you, your concepts—be they good or bad—you create the projections and you judge yourself. 

 “There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.”  —Yogi Bhajan

Can you let go of your concepts, so that you may grow and glow into your Higher-Self, the true you?  Can you hear what I am saying?  It’s you, talking to yourself as you read this.  Can you accept and experience new concepts?  Are you going to act or react?  Are your actions helping you to see through the opaqueness of your self-created concepts, programs, and roller coaster life?  Life after life, after life, after life, after WHAT?  It’s all in your mind.  In the way you color your thought waves with the 81 facets of your mind. 

 “Mind has 81 layers.  Mind is the only thing that man has that is faster than time and is not measured by space.  It’s the fastest tool of infinity.”  —Yogi Bhajan

 Your mind has 81 layers or facets like an onion.  Can you feel how they control you and color your thoughts?  These 81 facets are the controlling projections that you act on, that lead you around like a puppet on strings.  When you see the transparency of your true thoughts, you see the clarity of your destiny.  You do not have to try and figure things out, because you are awareness itself. 

 When you think from infinity, you do not have to think.”  —Yogi Bhajan

If we could only drop our preconceived conceptions to see the reality of the true self, called Sat Nam, “Infinity within your finite identity.”  If only it was as easy as meditating and changing our conceptions.  But trying to stop the flood of thoughts is like holding up your hands and trying to stop the huge torrent of a raging river.  We have spent too many lifetimes feeding these conceptions and they have become quite embedded in the structure of our minds.  Yet we do have the power to rise above them, not react, and to erase their hold on us, like erasing a magnetic tape. 

 Like I said before, that technology is called the “Science of Humanology and Kundalini Yoga,” it’s in a book that is priceless.  It is a map about the structure of the mind and what you can do to direct, develop, and apply it.  It is called “The Mind – Its Projections And Multiple Facets,” by Yogi Bhajan, PhD, with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD, who was my first teacher in Kundalini Yoga back in 1972.  At the end you will find many practical applications, Kundalini yoga meditations and kriyas, which have the power to change the course of any river.  So change the course of your life into one full of health, happiness, and knowledge.  Experience your true self and be AWARENESS itself.  Sat Nam!