The Science of the Naad (Sound & Chanting)

Why we "chant" in Kundalini Yoga -- and why just plain singing makes us feel happy.
“Every element of the Universe is in a constant state of vibration manifested to us as light, sound, and energy. The human senses perceive only a fraction of the infinite range of vibration, so it is difficult to comprehend that the Word mentioned in the Bible is actually the totality of vibrat...ion which underlies and sustains all creation.  

 A person can tune his or her own consciousness into the awareness of that totality with the use of mantra. By vibrating with the rhythm of the breath to a particular sound that is proportional to the Creative sound, or sound current, one can expand one’s sensitivity to the entire spectrum of vibration.
It is similar to striking a note on a stringed instrument. In other words, as you vibrate, the Universe vibrates with you.” -Yogi Bhajan.

 Think of yourself as a Devine instrument with strings. When you chant, the vibration of the strings causes all thirty trillion cells of your body to resonate, to dance- forming the patterns that shape you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

“Naad” is the essence of all sound — the vibrational harmony through which the Infinite can be experienced. “Naad Yoga” is the science of Naad based on the experience of how sound vibrations affect the body, mind, and spirit through the movement of the tongue, the mouth, and changes in the chemicals in the brain.

The “Shabd” is the sound current or vibration that dissolves that part of the ego which obstructs the truth, and prevents us from perceiving and acting from our authentic Self.

The “Shabd Guru” is a quantum technology of sound which directly alters our consciousness through the power of Naad. The Shabd Guru is sound current as teacher because it removes the constrictions and distortions of the ego.