The Self-Sensory Human

"Now is the time to let go of our mental frameworks and regid forms. Now is the time to let go of our fears and self-belittlement. Now is the time to escape the trap of ego and control.

Now is the time to come to our senses!

There is no religion. The only things left is reality. It is the end of doubt and ignorance. It is the time to know that you already know everything there is to know.

Now is the time to listen. Now is the time to wake up!

The beauty and uniqueness of the Aquarian Age is us.

The dawn of  a new awareness is dispelling the darkness, ignorance and ugliness of the Piscean Age.  The angels are washing their windwos. The light of equality and higher consciousness is shining through. It is a time of blessing and a time of hard work.

We are walking together on the path of finding out who we are -- more beautiful than we have ever imagined, and more worthy by far than we have ever been told."

From "The Self-Sensory Human" from the teachings of Yogi Bhajan

Watch for our "Self-Sensory Human" workshop coming late summer/early autumn.